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What is Flipped Physics?

Flipped Physics is primarily a series of videos, with supplementary materials, created to help students learn physics. In a flipped classroom, topics are introduced by video, allowing more time in class for problem solving and labs. I was inspired to share these materials with the world, primarily by John and Hank Green, who have numerous educational YouTube channels in addition to their main channel. I was also partly inspired by other educational YouTube content such as VSauce and Minutephysics.

Who are you?

I am an educator at heart. I am also a Christian, a philosopher, a writer, a proud nerd and a husband.

But... why?

This site is dedicated to the idea that students best learn at their own pace, and with direct support. I also believe that educational materials should be shared, not hoarded. There is an increasing amount of research that flipped classrooms -- ones where lecture content is through videos that students watch as homework, and classwork is hands-on activities and practice -- are far more effective than traditional instruction.

Any other questions? You can email me at dwood2001 AT gmail DOT com. I will endeavor to answer as many questions as time allows.